Sunday, February 23, 2014

The real story behind the Pittsburgh Leadership Summit by Jim Ludwig

Testimony from a host family member:

When I volunteered a long time ago to host some Latino’s, I did so because we are empty nesters now and I thought it would be an easy and good thing to do.  Now I need to thank you (Lisa) for doing your very best to make sure that it would be a much deeper experience.  I must admit when you sent the bio’s of these “special” people who were coming I didn’t feel like taking the time to read about them. I have been sending a small amount of money each year for a lot of years to support Lisa, why would I want to learn about these other people?  Then they came and I met them and I went to some events at other churches with them and they became “real.” 
The Professors are the real story about this whole trip.  Lisa and Bob and Robert are great people, doing a great job, but they are paid missionaries (who deserve our continued support.)  As Lisa kept saying she wanted to display God’s fruit.  People like Analu and Gloria that stayed with us, are making great sacrifices of time and money not so that they can advance themselves and have a better career.  They are sacrificing so that they can serve God as a volunteer and train other Latino’s who also serve God as a volunteer so that God’s Kingdom can grow.  Jim Welsh’s “Summers Bet Two Weeks” always gives an award to the male and female camper that best demonstrated “I’m Third.”  Christ is first, others are second and I’m third.  I think all the professors deserve that award.  Lisa, thank you for tricking me into getting to know some of these servants for God.  I’m sure God will reward them in heaven.

Jim Ludwig

Member of North Park Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh

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