Sunday, November 24, 2013

“Your father was my surrogate father.”

Those were the words a complete stranger spoke to me after the church service at Memorial Park Church. She smiled as she saw the surprise on my face and proceeded to explain: “George Anderson. That man was like a surrogate father to me. He was my ‘pretend’ father during Glenshaw Players theatre production of South Pacific. I listened with interest: “My father died when I was nine years old so when I played the role of his Polynesian daughter in the play his kindness and the role he played made a huge impression on me just when I needed it. I have always wanted to thank him, but now I get to thank you.”  

Where, but in Pittsburgh, could I discover precious gems like that memory? Thank you Lord for how modern missionary life allows me to return yearly to my home base!

Alfredo giving the benediction at Memorial Park Evangelical Pres. Saturday night service
At that same time, Alfredo had moved to the back of the sanctuary to greet people at the end of the service at Memorial Park Church. A woman came up to him and said: “Your mother-in-law, Bobbie Anderson, helped me become a Christian when she taught my Sunday School class—I was 4 years old! And I have been attending this church ever since, and have remained faithful to the Lord.”

I didn’t even know my mother taught a 4-year-old Sunday School class!

Once again my heart was filled to overflowing with news of how God used the “good works” of my parents to make long-lasting impressions on people.

Here is an audio link to listen to my father, George Anderson, singing Some enchanted evening  from the play, "South Pacific."

Sunday, November 10, 2013

After the Sunday School class' overnight at our house, we hold a guided conversation with their parents

Following each Over-night Camp-out we hold a guided conversation with the parents. This is the best way to get almost 100% of the parents to stay after church and find out what their children learned at camp and at the same time meet the other parents with children the same age.

Alfredo and I create a dialogue on a pertinent subject that we observe needs to be discussed with the parents.
Gerardo Cervantes and his wife listen to his daughter share about what she learned at our Sunday School Class overnight.

The Chinrios family, Eduardo, AnaRuth, Ana, and Anabel mutually share letters they have written for each other. 

Ramon, Cesar and Grace listen to their son "teach them" what he learned about God's meta-narrative from the scroll he was taught from during camp.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Lisa," I was asked, "why did you stay in missions for 30 years?"

In the end and in the beginning, I believe it has been God's purpose for me and so He has given me the drive to stick to this one thing and persevere.
I wanted to make a difference for Christ.
I wanted to make a mark in Christian camping.
I love what I do and can’t see myself doing anything else.
I love those with whom I work.
At a pivotal stage, soon after my mother passed away, a mentor of mine, Sibyl Towner, shared how she had stayed the post at her role in Family Ministries for 25 years at College Hill Pres. in Cincinnati and eventually saw how the church ministry joined with the camp ministry and left enduring change for Christ’s Kingdom. That comment inspired me.
God gave me a firm launching pad with my parent's faith, solid church backing and excellent pastoral support over the years. My youth pastor, Jay Passavant wrote a blog post about the role of perseverance (see link- Blog by Pastor Jay Passavant on me)
As a child, I saw how my father admired Naomi Sutter’s sticking with her mission work on the Papago Indian Reservation and her example inspired me. 
Pastor Jay Passavant and I (at 16 years of age) serving Naomi Sutter on the Papago Indian Reservation.