Monday, May 31, 2010

Chivalry is not dead..... a la Victor style

This is material for Family Circle!

Mom: Victor, are you being a gentleman to the girls in your class?

Victor: I don't need to.

Mom: Why's that son?

Victor: Because the doors are always open.

Long pause. LOL.

Mom: Yes dear, but there are other ways to be a gentleman than just opening doors. Being kind, sharing....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Church wedding of fellow CCI team member-Bessy Macotto

It was an honor to participate in the wedding of our dear friend and fellow CCI team member Bessy Macotto. We have had the pleasure to get to know her husband, Argentinan Tito Cofre. We all participated in their wedding ceremony, with Valerie carrying the Word of God and Victor the wedding rings.

The fact that Bessy found such a man of God who loves, cherishes and accepts her (and vice versa) is truly a gift from God. As you know, I met Alfredo as an older single, after I had started to wonder if the Lord was going to give me that gift so I can identify with Bessy's wonderful story and we have all shared their joy. They returned to Argentina last week and will serve together in CCI/Latin America until Bessy completes her three year term of service in South America and then they will return to Honduras to seek the Lord's guidance as to the next steps.

It has been a pleasure to meet Tito and appreciate his patience and strength and depth as a man of God. We share these photos to celebrate God's gift together with those who know and appreciate her as our dear friend and fellow missionary.
If you want to see more pics: click on this link:
Boda Religiosa Bessy y Tito

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Camp Counselor Training (126 hours)

Starting in Feb. and ending this month of May, I have collaborated with CCI AL/Honduras in teaching 20 church leaders how to serve as counselors. One aspect of this particular group is that they all have camps planned within the next several months to put their newly formed skills into practice. There's nothing quite so practical as good theory and that's precisely what we like to see in those that take our CCI Latin America training courses.

As you see these pastors, youth group leaders, Sunday school teachers, Directors of Christian schools, join me in praying for God to:
  • Remove any obstacles that would hinder them from implementing what they've learned, like "we've never done it this way before", or "if the kids look like they're having too much fun, it can't be spiritual".
  • Give them a spirit of humility to approach others with new ideas and approaches to ministry.
  • Strengthen them for the long haul, since this is not a sprint but a marathon and in order to make changes, it takes faith, prayer and strategic thinking and planning.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Training workshop for Ropes Course facilitators: Honduras

One of the events I look forward to the most are those where we develop facilitators of low ropes course initiatives. On the outside, being passed through a "spider's web of string" or falling into the arms of a group of people or climbing a wall, might look simple. One might think: Anyone can lead this activity. But in reality it's not as simple as it looks. Leading it well requires a lot of training in safety measures and most difficult of all is learning how to inductively lead the participants to gain insights into themselves, group process and related Biblical principles.
As you look at this picture, ask yourself, what type of feelings might I have if that was me?
This gives you some idea as to the level of skill the facilitator must have to draw out those feelings, discuss them within the group and make sense of them in light of scripture (learning to trust others is a key issue that causes difficulty for many).
That's why we invest over 48 hours of teaching and practice from Friday night to Monday afternoon. They are taught in small groups of 8 people with two trainers.

As you view the slideshow below, pray for the 40 facilitators who have been trained to use their new found skill to promote godly living and playing and pray for the team of 10 trainers to be given God's strength and wisdom as we teach others purpose-driven recreation.

If you have problems viewing the pictures below, you can go directly to this site to view them in picasawebalbums: