Friday, September 7, 2012

A long lapse of silence....watching life happen daily.

Since my last post end of May a world of events, life experiences, travel, and things have happened. The intensity of life over these past several months has left me literally without the energy to blog. A long list of these events would serve no purpose other than to justify my long lapse of silence but in the end I realize that the lives of most people are equally as full or more so. Now that the deadlines have been met for publishing all new leadership development materials for Christian Camping International, Latin America, and we have come and gone from our beloved city of Pittsburgh for a month, and we have gone and come back from a month of training in El Salvador, and Valerie and Victor are back in school, I am fully easing back into a delightful routine.

I watch life happen daily.

I watched one of our supervisors give a training on "Holy Play" to 4 new Sunday School teachers to teach our 5-7 year old Bible stories using wooden figures and a contemplative approach, inviting children to enter into the story, retell the story, and express their thoughts and feelings to God through art materials.

I watch our beautiful daughter Valerie grow from a child to a soon-to-be teenager (Dec. 21 she'll be 13). She loves to read!

I watch Victor deepen his love and appreciation for God's Word.

I watch my marriage with Alfredo grow and mature as we continue to struggle through our different temperaments and cultural backgrounds.

I have been out of a regular routine for so many months that I find myself delighting in those small, repetitive tasks like picking up the kids from school, taking them to their sports classes, helping them with homework, and "debriefing them on the High-Low of their day,"  having lunch with Alfredo when he's around, brushing the dog, etc.

I anticipate taking the time to unpack the wonderful lessons learned over these past months of business but at the same time, I am enjoying life happening daily.

What is one repetitive aspect of your life that you find yourself enjoying?
I'd love to hear about it! Tell me about it by posting your comments below.