Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Valerie is 11 today!

Valerie celebrated her 11th birthday with a slumber party this past Friday and then today, the real day of her birth, she and her friend put on a fashion show with our family dog, FOFER!
we hope you enjoy this short 2 min. video!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our new church: CCI El Hatillo

At the beginning of the year, God guided Alfredo and I to become part of the pastoral team for a new church in our neighborhood “El Hatillo” located 30 minutes from Tegucigalpa, Honduras where we live. And since I can not escape from CCI our church’s name is: CCI! (Comunidad Cristiana Internacional).

This video highlights the family focus we have as a church. Alfredo and I work directly with the children and youth ministry (0-18 years old), providing vision, oversight, teacher training and curriculum development for the Sunday School classes. Alfredo preaches regularly as well.

Our vision for the children and young people is To glorify God accompanying children and youth (families) in their spiritual journey from birth until college.

Alfredo and I are happy to be able to collaborate together in this adventure and we are part of a team of deeply talented leaders, among whom are the founding pastors Peggy and Isaac Vilorio, who are people with much experience and knowledge in church environment. We have the great joy of meeting in a spiritual retreat center called Villa Gracia so most Sundays School Classes meet outside, outdoors!

I share with you a 9:30 min. video that my photographer friend Gaby Argueta prepared in order to visualize what this church is and what it is in process of becoming. (I think you will find the photography fabulous!)


I personally have felt challenged since this life project is so different from the ministry of camping. The main difference being that church happens happens every week! We no sooner finish one good Sunday School class, than seven days later must be prepared for another! On the contrary, when I plan and finish one camp, there’s a long time until the next one starts. Alfredo often reminds me we are running a marathon, not a sprint. This helps me to keep perspective but, any way, teachers must be prepared, a curriculum for the different age groups must be chosen and/or written, and continual strategizing on how to best accompany these families in their spiritual journey with their children. I believe God loves to give me challenges such as these, where I find myself saying weekly: Lord, apart from you, there’s nothing I can do. Thank God we have other people in the Children and Youth Pastoral Team who are passionate about experience-based education and creative, non traditional teaching methods; therefore we are not alone, but in good company.

What challenge has God given you that keeps you restless and in daily need for strength and wisdom to face it?