Sunday, February 2, 2014

Living your strengths Workshop with Baha Habashy

Baha Habashy gifts us with a 4-hour workshop on "Living your strengths" based on CliftonGallup strengths-based research. Prior to his workshop we all had to take their online survey to discover what our top 5 strengths are. (Strengths Finder)

It was a highlight of the Pittsburgh Leadership Summit and many of the team members are hoping to invite him to come and teach in their respective countries. Baha Habashy's website as an executive consultant

Within the first five minutes of the workshop, Baha’s anointing was felt and he had us crying. One of his fortes is his sincerity and vulnerability. His willingness to share personal stories to illustrate his teaching points was particularly endearing and brought immediate clarity to his teaching.

As we closed our workshop something amazing happened: Baha fell to his knees as we laid our hands on him and lifted him up in prayer. Several team members affirmed his God-given wisdom and he was moved as the love of God poured out over him; we prayed for God to use him in Africa and Latin America and it was like seeing rain fall on parched ground. As he stood with tears in his eyes, he said: “I can’t remember ever being prayed for like this.”. Amazing is his ability to speak pearls of wisdom, to prompt deep thought, to take sound theory like Strengths finder ® and interweave it with his own theory of roles, callings, avoidance of draining people, and scheduling according to priorities. I would add that our team is extraordinarily teachable and very responsive to the move of the Holy Spirit.

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